Childcare vouchers

Are you and your employees benefiting from tax-efficient childcare costs?

Childcare vouchers allow working parents to save up to £933 in tax and National Insurance (NI) contributions, and they benefit employers by reducing NI contributions.

It's a simple scheme – employees exchange part of their normal salaries for the vouchers and can save up to:

Basic Rate Tax Payer (20% PAYE & 12% NI) Higher Rate Tax Payer (40% PAYE & 2% NI) Additional Rate Tax Payer (45% PAYE & 2% NI)
Max monthly vouchers £243 £124 £110
Max annual vouchers £2,916 £1,484 £1,325
Monthly tax & NI saving £78 £52 £52
Annual tax & NI saving £933 £625 £620
Employer NI saving at 13.8% £402.41 £205.34 £182.16

It makes childcare cheaper for the employee and reduces costs to the employer.

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